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Our Geography Curriculum 

At Northlands Primary School, we believe Geography stimulates children’s interests in their local area and develops an understanding of concepts, knowledge and skills. We seek to inspire in children a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people which will remain with them for the rest of their lives; to promote children’s sense of wonder at the beauty of the world around them.

Our curriculum strives to help children to develop an informed concern about the quality of the environment and the future of the human habitat, enhance children’s sense of responsibility for the care of the Earth and its people and develop a range of investigation and problem-solving skills which are transferable to other curriculum areas.


 Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
 Place knowledgeHuman & PhysicalGeographical skills
& Fieldwork
Year 1Continents & OceansUKThe Beach & WeatherRiver ThamesWhere are we?Local area study
Year 2LondonComparison of UK & non-European country.Poles apartUK mountainsWe are explorersLocal area study
Year 3EuropeComparison of region in UK & region of North Europe.SettlementsVolcanoes & Earthquakes.Where in the world?Local area study
Year 4The British IslesComparison of region in UK & region of South Europe.Natural resourcesVegetation beltsOrdnance survey maps (symbols & keys)Local area study
Year 5North AmericaComparison of region in UK, Europe & North AmericaBiomes & Climate zonesMountains around the world.Compass & grid referencesLocal area study
Year 6South AmericaComparison of region in UK, Europe & South AmericaCoastal erosionRivers around the world.FieldworkLocal area study