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Music is a universal language which transcends any barriers to entry of spoken and written languages. At Northlands, this principle is celebrated, ensuring all pupils (including those with additional needs) are given equal opportunity to express themselves effectively and uniquely, through the language of sound.


Lessons provide engaging and fun musical experiences which help to foster pupils’ overall passion for learning, not limited to the subject of Music. Pupils at Northlands build their self-esteem in music lessons through experimentation with the Creative Process (exploring, creating, editing & refining, recording and performing/sharing).


Music lessons also help children to develop the essential life skills of collaborating, giving and receiving constructive feedback, and creative problem solving.




Given the opportunity to listen to a broad repertoire of music from around the world and from different eras and traditions, pupils gain direct connection to unfamiliar cultures and times, thus deepening their understanding of the world and its wonderful array of cultures and traditions.

Shared musical experiences between children, staff and parents help to build a strong and connected school community.




Extra-Curricular after-school music clubs are offered to all KS2 children, giving further opportunities for musical development and performance, to those children who have a particularly keen interest in the subject. These clubs include choir and keyboard tuition.


At Northlands, pupils are given an exciting insight into the fascinating and rewarding world of music, which provides them with the best possible foundation to develop their musicality as they progress through their early and primary stages of music education.

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