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Religious Education

Our R.E Curriculum

At Northlands Primary School, we recognise and value the religious backgrounds and non-religious backgrounds of each of our pupils. A quality Religious Education (RE) curriculum should challenge and enrich our children’s knowledge and understanding of different world religions, not only within the school environment but also in modern society. We intend to be sensitive to the home background of all children. Therefore, we work to ensure that RE is accessible to all pupils and teachers of any religious persuasion or none. Religious Education is a distinctive but core part of the curriculum;  however, where parents request that their children be withdrawn from the teaching of RE, we will ensure that they can access alternative, appropriate educational provision.

RE is taught in our school because it enriches our children’s personal beliefs and values, in order to positively contribute within our diverse society. We deliver RE using the Discovery RE programme as our Scheme of Work and we will make meaningful links with other National Curriculum subjects.