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Music Lessons

Y5 (Summer 2023)

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In preparation for the coronation of King Charles III on 6th May 2023, Year 5 learnt an uplifting and triumphant song called, 'Sing for the King'.

Enjoy listening to the beautiful voices of our Year 5 children! 🇬🇧👑🇬🇧

Reception (Spring 2023)

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Check out these courageous and ambitious singers from Reception. In this part of the lesson, children were invited to sing 'solo' in front of all their friends! 🤩

Children were practising their pitch-matching skills (singing in tune with the keyboard). They were singing the 'cuckoo-call'. This is a musical interval of a third.

Not only were they pitch matching, but they were also beginning to understand how to use a 'pitch-pencil' to reinforce their understanding of the pitches they were singing.

Year 4 (Autumn 2022)

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In this music composition task, groups of Year 4 children had about 15 minutes to write a short storyboard for a 'Pink Panther' cartoon.

They had to create sound FX for each scene in the storyboard, selecting from a limited range of instruments. Music for TV!

Reception (Spring 2023)

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Watch this amazing video of our Reception children rehearsing the song, 'All the Little Ducks'.

They are singing from memory with a backing track. Absolute superstars! 🌟

Year 4 (Summer 2023)

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Year 4 children learning a traditional 🇬🇭 Ghanian folk song called, 'Tue Tue'.

They achieved this in about 30 minutes!